Truth about Teeth Bleaching – Teeth Bleaching Kits

Truth about Teeth Bleaching

Having perfect teeth is more than brushing your teeth 3 times daily. It also depends on the kind of food you eat. This food intake leaves stains and colors that are difficult to remove by ordinarily brushing of the teeth. The stains may eventually be permanent if care is not taken as soon as possible. One thing to do when such arise is to visit a dentist. The dentist may prescribe an operation which will require lots of money and also requires prayers for it to go well. This is not the only option when it comes to teeth bleaching as there are many teeth bleaching kits being sold online which are cheaper than going for professional treatment at the dentist’s

These teeth bleaching kits main objective is to be the teeth bleaching agent that helps brighten your teeth. Teeth bleaching kits are supposed to bring about improvement to your teeth without inflicting any damage to the teeth after the process is complete. Teeth bleaching kits are also expected to be cheaper when compared with the dentist’s prescription. Purchasing teeth bleaching kit saves you time and money as they can be easily used at home whenever they are needed without having to visit the dentist’s. The price of the teeth bleaching kits depends on the type of stain you wish to remove. The expensive teeth bleaching kits can be used to remove tougher stains as their active agents are more concentrated.

Teeth bleaching kits always consist of trays which are worn on the teeth for a certain period of time while the peroxide applied to it does the work of bleaching the teeth. The trays are of two types. The first one is worn on the lower part of the teeth while the second is worn on the upper part of the teeth. Teeth bleaching gel is placed in the tray before it is worn on the teeth. The compound of the gel is peroxide. The period of time you are to where the tray varies and it depends on the teeth bleaching kit that was purchased as they have more peroxide contents than each other.

Whitening pens is another type of teeth bleaching kit which is also popular. Teeth bleaching kits can be seen on commercials on TV and ads containing links that leads to website that demonstrates the use of teeth bleaching kits. Every teeth bleaching kit use peroxide as the teeth bleaching, but, the only difference is in the application of the trays and peroxide. For whitening pens, the pen is used to paint the teeth with the gel and leaving the gel on the teeth for 5 minutes. The teeth bleaching process using a whitening pen can be repeated daily until improvement is seen concerning the teeth. This is cheaper than visiting a dentist.

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